THIS IS THE MOST FAITHFUL PIANO RENDITION OF THE HYMN AS COMPOSED INCLUDING THE TEMPO.  Please accord respect to the composer, VW Magdangal de Leon,   by using this version.

MIDI is a computer word for MUSICAL INTERFACE (simply stated). Thus, this file can be played on your phone, on your karaoke, and can be projected on screen via your laptop. Now, you don’t have any reason why the Grand Lodge Hymn cannot be played in your lodge.

Suggested set up: Connect laptop to Projector, connect a mini jack on the sound output your laptop and the other 2 RCA jacks to the amplifier. You can get an adaptor for the RCA jacks to connect to your amplifier. If you don’t have a laptop, you can play it using the same RCA jacks from your NOKIA, BLACKBERRY, IPHone and connect it to the amplifier. That, my brother, is the guide to enliven your lodge meetings.

To download the MIDI, please log in to :
download the file from the FILE SECTION of that yahoo group. Right Click then “save link as”.  After saving, click it and your media player will play it.   Best way to play is to use vanbasco. 

You can download VanBasco midi player by clicking here. 

For quick approval at FAMPHILS, please state you name and lodge number.

if the LINK doesn’t work read again.  I tested the instructions without fail.
I have attached the Music Sheet for your verification.

Here is another download site: GRAND LODGE HYMN transcribed by DDGM Avelino Sumagui R4A1