”Edict 152 (Mateo) is hereby re-decreed for strict implementation thereof by requiring all subordinate Lodges except those Lodges whose names are of great national historical accounts, to append in their official names and temples the word “Masonic”.  Lodges that consider their names to have great national historical accounts or importance should submit to the Grand Lodge before the Special Communication a resolution showing the historical accounts of the names in order to be exempted from the application hereof.  This Edict shall have the effect of amending the Charter and/or By-laws on the names of the Lodges. Chartered Lodges whose official names will be changed to append the word “Masonic” pursuant to this Edict shall be provided by the Grand Lodge a new Charter at no cost to the Lodges. The old Charter need not be surrendered to the Grand Lodge to form part of the memorabilia of the Lodge. No dispensation shall be issued to form a new Lodge unless the proposed name of the Lodge bears the word “Masonic”. Thus, Section 7, Article I Organization of a Lodge, Part II Ordinances is hereby amended to read as follows:

“Sec. 7.            The Lodge shall submit its name for approval by the Grand Lodge which shall not be the name of any living person or chartered lodge and must bear the word “Masonic” in its official name, and request a number for it. No dispensation shall be granted to form a new lodge unless the official name of the Lodge bears the word “Masonic”.