May 18, 2008

Resolution No. ___

A resolution grantinga posthumous Cosmos Award to VW Delfin Narvaez.

Resolution No. __

A resolution requiring all lodges to contribute yearly for the district funds in the amount of P1,000.00 for the District Turnover.The following shall also contribute annually:P1,000.00 for every current District Grand Lecturers and P500 for every current Grand Lodge Inspectors.

Resolution No. ___

A resolution requiring all lodges to contribute to the District Funds, the amount of P2,000.00annually to be used in the June 12, 2008 Independence Day Celebration. The surplus on the said contribution shall form part of the District funds.

Resolution No. ___

A Resolution for a grant of PIN of appreciation to VW Nestor Tampol, PDDGM.

Resolution No. ___(August 17, 2008)

A Resolution supplementing the by-laws of the District to the effect that the District Meeting shall start promptly at 2:00 pm.Quorum shall be waived upon motion and the meeting will start even if there will be only 2 in attendance. This resolution shall be incorporated in the amended by-laws of the district.

Resolution No. ___

A Resolution pleading for the waiver of Grand Lodge assessment to the affected Lodges for the year 2006.

Resolution No. ____ (October 2008)

A Resolution requesting the Grand Lodge to “expand” the jurisdiction of Region IV-A by the creation of sub-districts as follows:

Region IV-A-1:Lodges 15, 51, 69, 346, 352 and 366;

Region IV-A-2:Lodges 2, 17, 31, 97, 238 and 269; and

Region IV-A-3:Lodges 49, 115, 165, 300, 316 and 350.

Initial implementing guidelines shall be as follows:

The Hosting will be rotated among the three (3) districts by way of multi-district convention.Lodge 69 will host the 2009 convention and Lodge 97 will host the 2010 convention.The said arrangement was approved considering the preparations already place in order by the said host lodges.This is not to serve to tie down the hands of the new districts to hold their own convention after the hosting of 2010.After the said year, the multi-district convention can be held subject to the approval of the sub-districts.The multi-district convention is favored to make Cavite still a single force and for the reason that three (3) lodges hosting a convention is economical in character.

The Hosting rotation shall follow the same format as the original district.That shall mean that after the hosting of 69 in Region IV-A-1, lodge 346 shall follow; in the same vein that lodge 238 shall be the next host for Region IV-A-2 and Lodge 49 shall host Region IV-A-3.The waiver of hosting shall also follow the same ruling as the original district.

The final implementing guidelines shall be arrived at in consultation with the lodges, however, the main resolution of expanding the district shall be adopted.

Resolution No.___

A Resolution creating the Cooperative for Region IV-A to be consisted initially of two (2) members from each lodge.

Resolution No. ___

A resolution disallowing the grant of PastMaster’s Jewel to Worshipful Masters who have not completed at least six (6) months of their tour of duty as Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

Resolution NO. dated Aug. 1, 2008

Each lodge to pay P1,0000.00 for every Master Mason raised.

Resolution No. ____

A resolution mandating all lodges in the district to send at least three (3) members of their respective lodges in necrological services within the district.