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Date: August 19, 2011
Venue: Lucena

Lodge assessement of P5K per lodge shall be used for the venue, snacks, lunch, dinner. fellowship. booklets etc.

|vw. sit, MDR4C have agreed last june 25 that the lodge assessment if P5K per lodge and P500.00 per delegate. The amount is not actually important, D PRESENCE OF THE BRETHREN DURING D MULTIDISCON IS MOST IMPORTANT. You can still propose suggestions before july . 15″ (VW Glen Aynera DGL)


76th District Convention

VW Erwin Punzalan addressing the 76th Discon at Bacoor

VW Erwin Punzalan addressing the 76th Discon at Bacoor


Resolution No. ____ (October 2008)
A Resolution requesting the Grand Lodge to “expand” the jurisdiction of Region IV-A by the creation of sub-districts as follows:
Region IV-A-1: Lodges 15, 51, 69, 346, 352 and 366;
Region IV-A-2: Lodges 2, 17, 31, 97, 238 and 269; and
Region IV-A-3: Lodges 49, 115, 165, 300, 316 and 350.
Initial implementing guidelines shall be as follows:
The Hosting will be rotated among the three (3) districts by way of multi-district convention. Lodge 69 will host the 2009 convention and Lodge 97 will host the 2010 convention. The said arrangement was approved considering the preparations already place in order by the said host lodges. This is not to serve to tie down the hands of the new districts to hold their own convention after the hosting of 2010. After the said year, the multi-district convention can be held subject to the approval of the sub-districts. The multi-district convention is favored to make Cavite still a single force and for the reason that three (3) lodges hosting a convention is economical in character.
The Hosting rotation shall follow the same format as the original district with a proviso that the rotation shall cover a period of six (6) years countback initially. The six year countback period is explained as the lodge who has hosted within the 6 years countback shall only host after the next higher lodge number has hosted.
This shall mean that after the hosting of 69 in Region IV-A-1, lodge 352 shall follow; Lodge 238 shall be the next host for Region IV-A-2 and Lodge 115 shall host Region IV-A-3. The waiver of hosting shall also follow the same ruling as the original district.
The final implementing guidelines shall be arrived at in consultation with the lodges, however, the main resolution of expanding the district shall be adopted. This implementing rules shall only be the initial guide, but will have to pass thru consultation and later approval by the district.